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About Litfert

Our enterprise

Litfert, a subsidiary of the Lithuanian Achemos Grupe group, is a flexible and responsive structure marketing nitrogenous fertilizers for agriculture. Our products are produced by our mother company AB Achema in Lithuania and transported by sea or land to different markets of the European Community.

Our mastery of the supply chain allows us to offer our customers, agricultural cooperatives or private traders, the best product, at the best time and at the best price. We are present in all the main ports of the western European seaboard: Rotterdam, Moerdijk, Dordrecht (Netherlands), Ghent (Belgium), Rouen, Honfleur, Caen, St Malo, Le Légué, Nantes, Les Sables d 'Olonne and Rochefort. We also serve Santander, Bilbao, Seville, Motril in Spain. By promoting local ports, we allow our customers to achieve significant cost breaks in terms of logistics costs.

Since 1998, we have consolidated our position on the French, Belgian, Dutch and Spanish markets. Today, more than 400 trading companies have chosen to place their trust in us. Our turnover is constantly increasing and confirms our essential presence on the market. Litfert is now a recognized quality brand in the fertilization sector.

You can download the presentation of our company and the group here .


Achema is the region's largest chemical industrialist primarily engaged in the production of liquid and solid nitrogenous fertilizers, industrial gases, resins, glues and other chemicals. Its production capacity reaches two million tonnes of fertilizer per year, broken down as follows: 1,200,000 tonnes of nitrogenous solution, 560,000 tonnes of ammonitrate, 450,000 tonnes of calcareous ammonitrate and more than 700,000 tonnes of urea per year. year.

In 2019 Achema sold 2,550,000 tonnes of fertilizer and achieved 81% of turnover for exports to its main markets, which are France (16%), the United Kingdom (13%), the Benelux (10%) , Germany (10%).

Achema Group

Litfert is part of the Koncernas Achemos Grupe which was created at the end of 2001 with the aim of bringing together several distinct economic entities belonging to the same shareholder and developing a common commercial policy. The Achema Group manages more than 40 companies based in Lithuania or abroad and has around 4,600 employees (2019).

The group's business sectors are many and varied: fertilizer production, trade, port handling and storage, logistics, energy, civil engineering, tourism and leisure, the media, publishing and advertising. It is the third largest company in Lithuania in terms of turnover.


Key figures of the Achema Group in 2019:

Sales € 1,0007 million,

Profit  € 60 million


You can download the Achema Group's annual reports here or visit the group's website for more information.


In 2004, after more than 10 years of success on the French, Belgian and Dutch markets, the Achema and Litert companies affirmed the desire to expand their activity to the ports of the European Union. To better meet the needs of our Belgian, French and German customers, the choice of the location of the terminal fell on Ghent, a Belgian seaport located on the left bank of Shelde, 60 km from the estuary.


A quay depth of 12-13 m, well-developed infrastructures, the absence of tides, accessibility to waterways, represent real assets. Following discussions with the port authorities and GTS, our partner on site, the choice fell on the new port of Ghent: Kluizendok. Fertigent is therefore the realization of a successful partnership between Achema, Litfert and GTS. The latter, since its creation in 1984, has established itself as a storage and handling professional: GTS is one of the first family businesses to have set up in the port of Ghent. It was after a year of work and 3 million Euros of investments that the Fertigent terminal loaded its first truck in June 2006.

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