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Ammonium nitrate AN 34.4% N

Its total nitrogen content is 34.4%. 97% of the granules have a diameter of 1 to 4 mm; moreover, the diameter of 88% of the granules is between 2 and 4 mm. In order to obtain a very good fluidity of the product and to ensure the contractual guarantee of storage of 9 months, the granules are treated against hardening with magnesite and lilamine. The fertilizer is packaged in big bags of 600 kgs.


Ammonium nitrate 34.4% N constitutes an effective nitrogen supply (nitric nitrogen). This nitric form is primarily absorbed by plants, which is important when restarting and growing vegetation. The regular grain size of our product allows a correct dosage. Ammonium nitrate combined with a higher nitrogen content has proven to be effective. By using 34.4% ammonium nitrate, the farmer is able to ensure a higher margin than he would achieve by opting for any other nitrogen fertilizer.

Ammonium nitrate (N-34.4)


Fertilizer category: EC FERTILIZER Origin: Lithuania, AB ACHEMA
Packaging: 600 kg GRV

Product technical specifications

Total nitrogen content (N),% 34.4 ± 0.3
of which nitric nitrogen (N-NO3),% 17.2 ± 0.3
of which ammoniacal nitrogen (N-NH3),% 17.2 ± 0.3
Water content (H2O),% max 0.3
PH (in 10% aqueous solution) min 5.0
Grain size (estimated using a sieve pierced with round holes):
from 1 to 4 mm,% min 97
from 2 to 4 mm,% min 88
less than 1 mm,% max 1.5
more than 6 mm,% max 0
Static crushing hardness: min 14 N / granule (1.4 kgf / granule)
Fluidity,% min 100
Porosity (oil retention),% max 4.0
Combustible components,% max 0.2
Clor content (Cl),% max 0.02
Copper (Cu) content,% max 10 mg / kg
Heavy metals: no deliberate addition of heavy metals.
Detonability tests, oil retention: complies with the requirements of appendix III (sections 2, 3 and 4) of Regulation (EC) n ° 2003/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 October 2003 relating to fertilizers.

Treated against hardening with magnesium and / or lilamine.

This product is manufactured by AB Achema according to ISO 9001: 2000 standards

Product data sheet

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